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Eight Stall Shower Unit

The Royal Restrooms Eight-Stall Shower Unit is a simple solution for events such as weekend festivals or retreats. This portable shower unit may be combined with additional Royal Restrooms for large events. Originally designed for disaster relief efforts, the Royal Restrooms Eight-Stall Shower Unit is the perfect choice for emergency situations or in any case where power and water sources are not readily available.

The Royal Restrooms Eight-Stall Shower Unit contains two shower areas, one for men and one for women. Each shower area is furnished with a double sink and four shower stalls. Whether used for a special event or emergency situation, Royal Restrooms provide individuals with the comforts of home with clean showers featuring:

  • Individual Private Dressing Areas
  • Hand Soap and Paper Products
  • Air Conditioning or Heat
  • Low Level Outdoor Lighting
  • Stylish Dιcor

The unique design of Royal Restrooms gives them the mobility to go virtually anywhere. The Eight-Stall Shower Unit is completely self-contained and operable using (3) 110 volt outlets or generator(s) for the lights, heat or air conditioner, and on-demand propane water heater. (Unit pulls a maximum of 20 amps per outlet.) Water is supplied by a spigot and garden hose or a 325 gallon on-board fresh water holding tank. The unit houses a 1200 gallon waste holding tank; grey water from the showers can either flow directly into the waste holding tank or be diverted to a specific location on the ground. If operated from a continuous water source, the unit provides approximately 450 hot showers before the propane needs to be replenished.

Rental options include daily, weekly, and long-term rentals, generators, and additional fresh water holding tanks. Pricing and availability may be obtained by contacting your local Royal Restrooms office. Please visit our website or call the Royal Restrooms Corporate Office at 800.969.7434 for local contact information.

Shower Unit

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Eight-Stall Shower Unit
Festivals • Camp Grounds • Job Sites
Disaster Relief

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Eight Stall Shower Unit Layout

Unit Dimensions

Length:  37’ (including trailer tongue)
Width:  13’ 6" (stairs down)
Height:  12’ 6” (from ground to top of A/C unit)

Licensed and Insured


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